How To Care Your Mink Lashes

Mink Lashes

Once you discover how magnificently false lashes transform your eyes, there will be no going back. We agree that it takes some time to figure out how to apply them, but you will simply love them once you do!
50K Lashes & Hair mink lashes are hand-made of natural mink fibres and are 100% cruelty-free. The mink hair is masterfully woven into a cotton band which makes it very lightweight and flexible. 100% mink lashes are very comfortable and look very natural on the eyes. The natural softness and tapered tips make them look like they are your very own lashes. They are very durable and can be worn up to 25 times! However, though durable, the fine hand-made eyelash strip requires tender loving care and needs to be treated gently.
Though they have a life span of 25 wears, they are not indestructible. Compared to plastic lashes, the cotton lash bands on the mink lashes make them more susceptible to tearing. However, if treated gently and maintained properly, your favourite mink lashes will last longer.

Caring Your Mink Lashes

We recommend cleaning and disinfecting your lashes often – after every two to three wears. Try to remove the eyelash glue as soon as possible after taking off your mink lashes. The longer the lash strips stay without being cleaned, the stickier and gooier they become. If there is a build-up of dried-up glue on the lash band, use your fingers to peel it off gently. Never pull or tug on the lash band, as this will damage the lashes.

Always put on your makeup and eyeshadow before applying your lashes. If eyeshadow and creams get on the lashes, these will make them harder to clean. Always remove your false mink lashes before bed. Sleeping in them can lead to torn lash bands, crushed hairs and may potentially tear out your natural lashes, resulting in bald eyelids!
Also, read your eye makeup product labels to ensure they do not contain oil. Oil residue will reduce the effectiveness of your eyelash glue and prevent it from sticking to your mink eyelash band.
It is best if you only use a heated eyelash curler as it is the only curler that is safe to use with 100% mink lashes. Clamp eyelash curlers can potentially damage the delicate shaggy curl. A heated eyelash curler is easy to use and helps to blend your lashes by naturally uplifting both.

No Soaking in Liquid

As these are natural mink fur products, any excess water will cause them to lose their shape. So, never soak your lashes in water, makeup remover, alcohol, or any other liquid as these can damage them. Clean 50K mink lashes by gently removing the dried glue from the lash band with your fingers or a tweezer. If you are having trouble removing build-up glue, run a damp Q-tip or cotton swab along the lash band to loosen the glue and remove it.

No Mascara on Mink Lashes

Never apply mascara to your mink lashes, as it can damage the fur! However, you may add mascara to your natural lashes but ensure you use one that is not thick and clumpy. Also, make sure your natural lashes are dried after applying mascara to them before applying your 50K mink lashes.

How to Clean your Mink Lashes

As previously stated, one of the best things about mink lashes is that they can be reused up to 25 times! Therefore, to prolong their longevity, it is essential to clean them often.

If your mink lashes are worn 4 to 5 times per week, they must be cleaned weekly. The dust and bacteria build-up will ruin your mink lashes and cause eye infections such as pink eye!
Items Required to Clean Your Mink Lashes:
  • Used lashes and lash tray
  • Tweezer
  • Alcohol
  • Q-tips

To clean the mink lash, place it on your index finger and wrap it around the finger to maintain the curls.
Then use the tweezer or your finger to remove the large pieces of glue gently and carefully from both sides of the mink lash band. When done, use your fingernails to gently remove the smaller glue pieces from the lash band, scraping them down onto your fingertip.
Do not use water or any form of liquid to clean the mink lashes. The liquid may damage the shape, style and curl of the mink lash. Good quality mink lashes are made of 100% natural hair. However, do not soak them in liquid or use any product when cleaning to prolong their longevity.
To clean the lashes themselves, apply some alcohol to a Q-tip, then gently rub the Q-tip down the length of the lash to get rid of any residue, dirt and sanitize.
When done cleaning, place them back in their case or a lash book to not lose their shape or fluff. Keeping them in their case also ensures that the lashes are kept clean and protected from dust, dirt and bacteria until you are ready to wear them again!

How to Apply Your Mink Lashes

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To get the most natural results, start by curling your natural eyelashes and applying your favourite mascara. Ensure the mascara is not thick and clumpy and that it is dried before applying the mink lash. This step will make your lashes look more dramatic and curled and will hold the mink lashes better. When your natural lashes are curled, the mink lashes will look more natural and follow your natural eye shape better.
Next, either use your hand or a tweezer to remove the mink lash from its package gently.
Before gluing on the mink lashes, place them on your eye and measure them up to your eyes as sometimes they are a bit too long. If the lash is too long, use cosmetic scissors and cut from the outer part of the lash. Do not cut from the inner part of the lash. The inner part of the lash is a bit shorter than the outer part and will look very unnatural if you cut the lash from the inner part.
After cutting the lash, measure it against your eye again. If it fits, apply the glue to them. There are a variety of eyelash glues on the market. Most of them will require you to wait about 30 seconds after applying the glue to the lash before placing the lash on your eyes.
When applying the lash to your eyes, place the middle of the lash as close as possible to your natural lash line, then tuck in the front end then the other parts of the lashes.
You may use a black eyeliner to fill in the inner corner and any gaps between your natural lashes and the mink lashes. This will make the mink lashes look more natural and flattering on your eye shape.

How to Remove and Store

To remove your mink lashes from your eyes, hold the end of the lash band and gently remove them from your eyes. If you have trouble removing them, use a damp Q-tip or a damp cotton swab to run along the lash band to loosen the glue and remove it. Remember not to pull or tug on the lash band as this can damage it. Be gentle with your mink lashes always!
I love that I can wear my favourite 50K mink lashes multiple times, and I hope you found this information helpful in caring for and applying your mink lashes. With proper care and maintenance, you will be able to wear your favourite 50K mink lashes multiple times too!
My favourite is Amelia. What is yours? We look forward to hearing about your favourite 50K mink lashes in the comments below!

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