How To Clip In Hair Extensions

Clipping in Your Hair Extensions

Wow, you have finally gotten some 50K Lashes & Hair clip-in extensions! That’s wonderful, but how do you clip them in to blend with your hair? No need to worry. You are at the right place, and we are happy to guide you on how to put in your extensions to be glamorously you.

After reading the instructions, you will see how easy it is to transform your hair and look in just minutes without damaging your hair.

How Many Packs of Clip-In Extensions do I Need?

  • If you are only adding length, you need only one (1) pack.
  • If you want a full look (volume) and your hair will be left out, you will need two (2) packs.
  • If your natural hair is braided down, the clip-ins will be added on top of the braids, and you will need three (3) packs.

What’s Required to Transform Your Look?

  • Clip-In extensions
  • Rat tail comb and brush
  • Hair clip (to put your hair up)
  • Heat protectant
  • Flat and curling iron (straight hair)
  • Mirror (to make sure everything is in the right place, especially in the back)

Before and After

STEP 1: Comb and Brush Your Hair

Comb and brush your hair thoroughly to get rid of any tangles in the hair. If you just washed your hair, you may use a dry shampoo/volumizing mousse and or hairspray on your roots so that the clip-ins have a better grip.

STEP 2: Organize the Hair Extensions

Take out all the clip-in hair extensions from the pack(s) and group them by size. Arranging them will help you. Once you start placing them in your hair, you’ll be able to determine which pieces should go where in your hair. Brush each piece of extension to avoid any knots.

STEP 3: Add the 3-Clip Weft

Part your hair horizontally at the nape of your neck. Separate a thin section and put the rest of your hair up by using a hair clip. Take the 3-clip weft, brush it, and clip it by securing the middle clip first, then the left and right. Place it as close as possible to your scalp. Always work your way up from the bottom. 

STEP 4: Add the 4-Clip Weft

Separate a new thin section of hair an inch above the first weft and clip the rest of your own hair up again. Take the 4-clip weft next, carefully brush it and then clip it just as you did the first weft. If none of the wefts has five (5) clips, then the 4-clip weft may be the biggest in the set, so make sure you install it on the widest part of your head.

STEP 5: Add Another 3-Clip Weft

 Separate a new thin section of hair an inch above the last weft. Repeat step 3, and add the 3-clip weft in your hair.

After this step is completed, all the bigger wefts will be clipped in your hair, so you will only have the 2 and 1 clip wefts left to install.

STEP 6: Add the 2-Clip Wefts

Now you will move to the side of your head. The 2-clip wefts are designed to add volume to the sides for a full, natural look. Separate a thin section of hair on one side, brush the weft, open the clips and securely attach them as close as possible to your hairline. Do the same thing with the second 2 clip weft and repeat on the opposite side.

STEP 7: Add the 1-Clip Weft

The one (1) clip wefts are great for adding volume on the sides, or anywhere else you think is necessary. Separate a thin section of hair first, brush the weft, open the clips and attach the small one (1) clip piece as close as possible to the roots. Repeat on the opposite side.

STEP 8: Style Your Hair and the Extensions

The installation process is now complete. Style to allow your hair and the clip-in extensions to blend in, gently brush all the hair together. Check to make sure all the wefts are well hidden, make changes, if necessary, then style the hair by curling or straightening it or as desired. You may also add braids or anything else you have in mind.

Before and After

There is absolutely no right or wrong way to install clip in hair extensions as long as the blending is done properly. This is a general guide to suggest where each weft should be placed. However, it all depends on the shape of your head, the thickness, length, texture of your hair, and the look you want to achieve, and so much more. Once you become familiar with the clip-in extensions, you will find your way to install them!

Some people do not need to wear all the wefts in one pack, while others might add an extra 50K Lashes & Hair pack for dramatic volume. You may want to get a different hair colour than your natural one and create an ombre look, while others prefer dying the extensions to match their natural colour to a tee. Yes, all our extensions are 100% Human Hair and can be dyed!

Have questions about clip-in extensions? Not sure which one to choose? Reach out to us at, or leave a comment below and we'll be happy to help.


  • Laura S

    Anyone can get their hair done right if you follow this. Good info

  • Sandra Thompson

    Great instructions for someone like myself, that needs step by step what to do. Now I am on my way to do the job. Hopefully I will get some assistance for the first 😊.. Instructions are very clear so I LOVE that.

  • Sandra Thompson

    Great instructions for someone like myself, that needs step by step what to do. Now I am on my way to do the job. Hopefully I will get some assistance for the first 😊.. Instructions are very clear so I LOVE that.

  • Stephanie Nash-Smith

    Love the instructions it’s very very clear I followed the steps did my hair and it turn out beautiful.

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