Watercolor Method - Damage-Free Way to Add Color to Your Hair

How to Dye Your Wig and Hair Extensions Using the Water Colour Method

Do you remember when we used to think it was cool to dye our hair with Kool-Aid? – Especially the red one?

Today, hairstylists have elevated our childhood trends to new heights! While everyone was wearing their favourite pastels and rose gold extensions, watercolour extensions and wigs debuted on Instagram in 2018. This is awesome because watercolour is a technique intended for us, DIY ladies. After all, it is so simple, quick, and inexpensive!

Here’s the scoop on obtaining the perfect watercolour looks for your extensions and wigs.

Please take a look at Blac Chyna rocking her rainbow wig! blacchyna


How to Watercolour Your Wig and Hair Extensions

This water colouring process makes colouring wigs and hair extensions so much easier than any other approach you've tried. This is the technique for you if you've ever been terrified of trying a colour or doing it yourself.

Let's start with the supplies you'll need to achieve the perfect watercolour effect:

  • One (1) bottle of semi-permanent hair colour (use two (2) bottles for more intensity)
  • #613 (Russian Blonde) extensions or wig (if you don't have #613 hair, you can bleach your black hair to a lighter colour)
  • Plastic spoon or whisk
  • Large glass or plastic container
  • Warm water
  • Gloves

Color mixing bowl


Here are the Steps to Watercolour Your Wig and Hair Extensions:

Step 1: Prepare the Hair

Be sure to remove all labels, rubber bands, and plastic ties from your extensions or wig.  Next, unwrap, unravel and detangle the hair. This enables the watercolour to reach all areas of the hair and ensures it will colour evenly. When you've finished preparing all of your bundles or wig, lay them aside until it's time to submerge them in the watercolour mixture.

Step 2: Prepare Colour Mixture for the Hair:

Set the water to boil on the stovetop or turn on your faucet and let it run until the water gets hot. Please keep in mind that the water should be hot, but not so hot that it burns your hands when you place the hair in it.

Take the colour bottles and pour their contents into the plastic or glass bowl while the water is heating. After pouring the colour into the bowl, you may fill each bottle with water and shake it to ensure you get all the colour out of them. Now fill the bowl to about ¾ of it with the hot water. Mix with your plastic spoon or whisk to combine the colour and water. You must mix the colour properly in the water to dissolve all the dye. If all the dye is not dissolved in the water, your bundles or wig will have uneven patches when you colour it. So to prevent this and get a flawless finish, ensure all of the dye is dissolved.

Step 3: Place Your Bundles or Wig Into the Watercolour Mixture

Place your bundles or wig in the watercolour mixture and wait until it is clear before removing them. If the water is clear, the hair has absorbed all of the colours. Use only one bottle of dye if you're trying for a pastel or tint look. For a more dramatic or intense look, use two (2) bottles.

It's worth noting that many people in YouTube videos can be seen dipping their bundles or wig in the watercolour mixture intermittently without allowing them to sit in it for some time. Intermittent dipping causes uneven coloration, and as a result, your bundles or wig may not all have the same colour. Therefore, please leave them in the water until they reach your desired hue to ensure that your extensions or wig are the same colour.

Once your bundles have reached their desired colour, remove them from the water, co-wash them with your favourite conditioner and allow them to air dry. Wow, that's everything… Easy and quick!

Check out Ashley Bedeck’s YouTube tutorial to see how she transformed a #613 blonde wig into this lavender beauty.



It's incredibly clever to use the water colouring approach because it will save you a lot of money! To top it off, your creativity has no bounds with this method.

50K Lashes & Hair would love to hear about your creation… Please share it with us!

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